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State of the art facilities

Silver Star Mercedes Benz

World class showroom spread across an area of 20,000 sq. ft. in the most prime location of Hyderabad.

Customer engagement

MGCC-I Drive, Hyderabad

Here’s to MG Hyderabad! Kudos for pulling off a stunning MGCC-I Drive. Here’s a snippet of the memorable event.

Trust and Empowerment

Our Workspace

Customer engagement

AMG Weekend Drive

Customer engagement

Silverstar Golf Trophy

Witness the change

MG ZS EV Facelift Lauch

Contribution towards environment

MG Charge Inauguration

A proud moment

3 years to Raam MG

Launch event

MG Attapur Workshop Opening

Welcoming the best cargo EV to our family

Alti Green Launch

Flagship cricket tournament

MG premier league

Keeping up with the festive spirit

Festival Celebrations

A multi-essence of fun, joy, laughs & adventures.

Team Outing

Launch event

Tata Vehicle Launches

An epitome of strength and courage

Women's Day Celebration

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